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Brutally beaten and cold – we are fighting for his life …

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Brutally beaten and cold – we are fighting for his life …

It is scary what a beast can be – after all, these monsters live among us and although they seem to behave normally, doing such bestiality, and even a completely defenseless cat, cannot be attributed to a normal man! How can these monsters do that ?!

Beloved, there is a fight for another poor thing who has been tortured to death – at first we were afraid that he would leave the rainbow bridge sooner than we could help him.

A woman called us that, while going to throw away the garbage, she found a cat in the basket – at first I thought he was already dead – she said crying – but when I poked him, he moved …

Our intervention was immediate – we went with the cat as soon as possible to the veterinary clinic, where the cat is fighting for its life – it was in a moribund state, vets initially thought that they would not be able to help him anymore, that his condition was too critical – but we decided to fight – to fight about the poor baby, which, apart from being thrown into an accidental rubbish bin by the torturer, which caused severe cooling of the body, was brutally beaten – the vet says that this is indicated by neurological problems and the general condition of the cat.

A battered cat fights for his life – and his sadist will remain innocent and innocently continue to live – despite how cruelly he has battered a helpless cat – why is this world so cruel ?!

We don’t know if the cat was beaten or kicked by something. We know, however, that he has been through a lot and suffers – the worst is the pressure that he will go away in this suffering, without experiencing a moment of peace in this world, among good people, not beasts …

And so, here you see a lying unconscious, tortured cat, with stuck and stiff fur, which every now and then gets convulsions, and his mouth clenches with pain, froth appears – and then you see the veterinarians reacting immediately and you know that the fight will be tough . But the victory after such a difficult fight is beautiful – especially for this poor boy, whom fate put in the way of a degenerate sadist …

Beloved, the condition of the beaten cat is difficult – we are fighting for his life. Treatment, constant veterinary care and other needs, such as the maintenance of the cat, is 800 GBP.

I know I feel bitterness that this sadist will not incur any punishment for his brutal actions – but for us, the most important thing now is to fight for the life of a brutally tortured cat – please help save him and remember – good always comes back.

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